HomeOffice Solutions

COVID-19 has forced the largest productivity experiment in history, and the results are in: remote working works.

Not for everyone, and not all of the time.  But as a component of workplace strategy, it’s here to stay.
So how will we set up teams to work remotely in the most effective way possible?

If that is your challenge, HomeOffice by Crestline is here to help you with some of the answers.
As a division of Crestline Furniture Systems, HomeOffice exists to make setting up remote workers with physical equipment easy.
Here’s how we love helping our clients:

Mitigate Occupational Health Risk
The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 does not distinguish between workers carrying out work in the workplace and working from home.
In both cases the employers are responsible to eliminate or minimise any health and safety risks, so far as reasonably practicable.
Employers should be satisfied that remote workers are managing potential health hazards appropriately, and provide the means to do so.
Our solutions include:
✔ Ergonomic, regulatory compliant furniture
✔ Optional checklist to collect verification that staff are suitably set up

Equipment for High-Performing Teams
The HomeOffice product portfolio has been designed for commercial performance in a home setting, enabling your team to get on with what they do best.

✔ Manufactured to commercial standards

✔ Designed for home spaces, with an emphasis on practicality for multi-purpose areas.

✔ Products are either delivered assembled, or easy-to-assemble with tools provided.

Support Individual Needs
One size doesn’t fit all.  No single package will work for everyone.
With the HomeOffice platform, you can create your own bespoke catalogue and give your team the freedom to choose.
✔ Platform provides a pre-approved range for self-selection by staff
Get it Sorted, Efficiently
We’ve developed a system for product distribution and reporting so you don’t have to.
✔ Remote workers select products and enter delivery details via secure online platform
✔ Equipment is delivered directly to homes
✔ Monthly consolidated billing
✔ Detailed reporting
✔ Solutions for collecting employee agreement to your terms of use etc.
Stay Flexible and Preserve Cash for Growth
Uniquely flexible terms available!
✔ Flexible lease-to-own plans - contact us for more info
OR purchase on standard terms for immediate ownership
Sounds Great! How do we start?
It’s even simpler than it sounds... book a demo!